Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The First Ride

Exploration via my new Avanti Ridgerider was a deliberate attempt to regain a slightly more trim figure, as well as, recapture that adventurous spirit and fleeting adrenalin rush of moving in and out of being lost and being found again. Tropical Darwin provides many opportunities for back of beyond jaunts and a chance to witness the rich colours of a natural environment.

A tentative and deliberate first ride gave me a chance to explore a coastal environment adjoining a tidal river, as well as, getting my feet wet riding a bike again. Has it really been 40 years? How things have changed. Not only does the bike allow you to roll "up the hill" but escape the urban sprawl and bike loving dogs taking their owners for that fat reducing exercise.

Replace the noise and congestion with a tranquil bush track, sided by tropical flower beds, & a flowing tidal mangrove swamp inhabited with marauding crocodiles and shy mud crabs. Perhaps I should have brought my Garmin GPS!

For several hours I was lost to the feelings of the breeze in my face, remembering which fork was which and learning how "powering that rear wheel" provides stability on slippery inclines (I did that?).

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