Saturday, May 28, 2011

Sandstone Country III / May 2011 Part One

The Arnhem Plateau is an extensive and highly dissected quartz sandstone massif ranging from approximately 200 to 400 meters above sea level. A dramatic sandstone escarpment bounds the western and northern edges, whilst the eastern expanses of the Plateau gradually slope away from the escarpment.

"‘This bioregion has outstanding values for biodiversity conservation. It has very high levels of endemism, including at least 40 plant species (and probably far more), three birds (including the white-throated grass-wren Amytornis woodwardi), 12 reptiles (such as the extremely large python Morelia oenpelliensis), 5 mammals (such as the black wallaroo Macropus bernardus), 3 fish, 1 frog and very many invertebrates. Many species are relictual (such as the plants Drummondita, Hildergardia and Podocarpus) and many species are known only from one or few populations within a range of 1-10 km2. Some groups have radiated extensively (e.g. Stylidium, Micraira), resulting in this bioregion being a major centre of biodiversity. Twenty-eight species are listed as threatened at the Territory or national level. The rugged nature of this bioregion affords its biota some protection from threatening processes which have affected biodiversity elsewhere. The bioregion includes some highly distinctive environments, most notably sandstone rainforests dominated by the tall endemic Allosyncarpia ternata, and floristically rich sandstone heathlands. (Australian Natural Resource Atlas V2, 2005).

Acacia alleniana

Acomis kakadu
Antmimicking Spider Myrmarachne sp. or Bocus sp
Australian Paper Wasp - Polistes humilis
Blue Argus Junonia orithya albicincta Wet Season Form
Blumea sp
Brachyachne convergens
Buchnerasp sp.
Bush Fly - Muscidae sp. And Unidentified Lymantriidae Moth Larva
Calytrix megaphylla
Case Moth Psychidae sp Hanging on Haemodorum coccineum
Common Assassin Bug - Pristhesancus plagipennis 5th Instar
Confusing Spur-throated Locust Austracris proxima
Cricket GRYLLIDAE sp. Nymph
Cup or Slug Moth LIMACODIDAE sp
Daviesia reclinata
Flax Liliy Dianella sp.
Flesh Flie Sarcophaga sp
Four o clock Moth Dysphania numana Stitiching Together The Leaves of Freshwater Mangrove Carallia brachiata Before Cocooning Up
Glossy Shield Bug - Cermatulus nasalis
Green Leaf-runner Cyrtoxiphoides sp.Nymph
Green Tree Ant Oecophylla smaragdina Visitng Spermacoce calliantha
Grevillea heliosperma
Hibbertia cistifolia
Holly-leafed Pea-flower Bossiaea bossiaeoides
Jumping Spiders Salticidae sp.
Lindernia clausa
Long legged Assassin Bug Harpactorinae sp.

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