Sunday, July 10, 2011


Last year at this time I saw large flocks of Triller sp. Working in pairs to catch grasshoppers. One bird to scare them the other to catch them in the air. This year a few Friarbird sp. getting drunk on the Eucalyptus miniata (Darwin Woolybut) flower nectar which also did not flower for very long last year. The only other regular customer is the ever present Pardalote sp. which goes about its business never singing but with its constant repeating of a single note. With the cool weather and lack of reason to stop and investigate I have managed to walk further on day walks. Sometimes I have managed 25 Km in a day and a half even with regular waypoint checks or climbing a hill to get a better idea of the direction to the next ridge saddle.

Eurymelinae sp. Possible Ipoini Tribe Feeding on Acacia leptocarpa Attended by Oecophylla smaragdina Kambolgie Creek Sandstone Country
Evening Brown Melanitis leda Dry Season Form Motor Car Falls Sandstone Country
Feral buffalo Bubalis bubalis Arnhem Highway Goymarr
Glasswing Acrea andromacha Kambolgie Creek Sandstone Country
Glochidion xerocarpum Kambolgie Creek Sandstone Country
Glossy Shield Bug - Cermatulus nasalis Nymph Point Stuart Evergreen Vine-forests
Gomphrena canescens Motor Car Falls Sandstone Country
Goodenia armstrongiana Motor Car Falls Sandstone Country
Grass Spearpoints Sandstone Country
Hibiscus sp Morning Bud Sandstone Country
Hibiscus sp Sandstone Country
Holly-leafed Pea-Flower Bossiaea bossiaeoides Sandstone Country
Holly-leafed Pea-Flower Bossiaea bossiaeoides Seed Pod Sandstone Country
Jumping Spider Cytaea sp Female Kambolgie Creek Sandstone Country
Kambolgie Creek Dry CreekBed Sandstone country
Kambolgie Creek Flowing Sandstone Country
Kapok Bush Cochlospermum fraseri Motor Car Falls Sandstone Country
Lerp Construction of White Fibrous Resin By Lerp Insect - Glycaspis brimblecombei Motor Car Falls Sandstone Country
Lindernia plantaginea Point Stuart Evergreen Vine-forests
Lion's Tail Leonotis nepetifolia Kambolgie Creek Sandstone Country
Lobelia quadrangularis R.Br Point Stuart Evergreen Vine-forests
Lower Motor Car Falls Outlier Sandstone Country
LYMANTRIIDAE sp Feeding On Hibiscus sabdariffa L. Kambolgie Creek Sandstone Country
Mayfly EPHEMEROPTERA sp. Kambolgie Creek Sandstone Country
Morning Mist Burdulba Creek Sandstone Country
Motor Car Creek Lower Falls & Kolk Created Plucked-bedrock Pits Sandstone Country
Motor Car Creek Upper Falls Basin Sandstone Country
Neat Menetia Menetia concinna Motor Car Falls Sandstone Country


Alfred Ribo said...


If I search your blogs long enough, will I find information about the camera equipment you use? It seems like it must be pretty high quality, but it also seems like you take it everywhere, and high quaility often means large and heavy. How do you do it?

Greg Schmidt said...

Sensational site. To be able to put names to so many of the top end sights is Great. Look froward to your next posting.

Greg - Katherine NT