Saturday, October 11, 2008


What a week!

We got our first night rain this week and as a result the green tree frogs were out attrating their mates and depositing eggs ANYWHERE THEY COULD.

March Flies are now on the go. I was attacked riding my mountain bike! What an attitude.

I have spent the last two weekends kayaking at Lee Point.
During the spring tides last week I saw three dolphins in the sandy bottom area feeding. According to Carol Palmer [] these dolphins could be locals.

This weekend during the neap tides I saw them again and for sure it was an Australian snubfin because I saw its head. Before today I only saw its small dorsal fin. Two weeks ago I saw them near the shore in Shoal Bay moving towards Lee Point as the tide was starting to go out. They seem to prefer the sandy bottoms and I think they are after the mullet.

I also saw a couple of green sea turtles surface near my kayak. They looked very strange as they steretched out their necks. They looked a bit like little ETs.

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