Friday, October 24, 2008

Out On The Savannah


Everywhere the Gardenia megasperma are in bloom.

Their perfume is intoxicating and the white flowers
can easily be seen. I am amazed at just how many Gardenia plants
there are considering it seems I never knew they were there at all.

The Salt Marsh Mosquitoes Aedes vigilax,
are active in the Monsoon Vine Forest.
Anywhere there was shade they were present in numbers.
The tides are neap tides but spring tides are
just around the corner and
I guess the females need to give their young a
feed or two before the eggs are laid.

The Cocky Apple Planchonella careya is starting to fruit.
The flowers are very delicate and fall off easily.
You can eat the fruit,
but so far I have not been impressed with bush fruit.

In the open woodland, where I often walk,
there are several very stately species of Eucalyptus.
One very tall and majestic example is the
Eucalyptus polycarpa.

Earlier in the year the Maranthes corymbose flowered
and now the fruit is ripe.
The Torres Strait Pigeon Ducula bicolour
has been feeding on the seeds.
The seeds looked succulent,
but were in fact, very woody and dry.

The Masked Plover Vanellus miles
egg has hatched and as predicted
the parents got very aerobatic
trying to persuade me to stay away
from their hatchling.

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