Friday, June 17, 2011


Robin Falls is a small reserve along Dorat Road and about 18 km from the township of Adelaide River. The falls cascade off sandstone escarpment which is bounded by floodplain to the east and the Adelaide River to the west. The area is predominantly private land. The falls are spring fed and water is present throughout the dry season and attracts macropods like the Agile Wallaby, Antilopine Wallaroo at the base and on the cliff-faces, the Short-eared Rock-wallaby, and the Narbalek (elegant rock-weasle).

Motor Car Falls follows an historic vehicle track where, in 1946, the first motorcar entered the region. An impassable creek marked the end of the journey. Ever since, that creek has been called Motorcar.

Aristida holathera
Blumea sp. Motor Car Falls
Brown Leafhopper - Alotartessus iambe nymph
Jumping Spider Mimicry Motor Car Falls
Brown Leafhopper - Alotartessus iambe nymphs Motor Car Falls
Buchnera linearis
Burmannia juncea Motor Car Falls
Bush Carrot Cartonema sp.
Calytrix achaeta Motor Car Falls
Calytrix megaphylla
Charcoal-winged Percher Diplacodes nebulosa
Common Tropical Sharptail Stenocatantops angustifrons Motor Car Falls
Crotalaria goreensis Motor Car Falls
Darwin woollybutt Eucalyptus miniata Motor Car Falls
Diospyros calycantha Fruit Robyn Falls
Eriachne schultziana
Eucalyptus setosa Emergent Leaves Motor Car Falls
Eurybrachyid Planthopper - Eurybrachyidae sp. Feeding On Pachynema junceum
Ficus hispida Baroalba Springs
Four o clock Moth Dysphania numana
Golden Beard Grass Golden Beard Grass
Goodenia armstrongiana Robyn Falls
Grevillea decurrens Resin Robyn Falls
Haemodorum coccineum
Huntsman Heteropodidae sp.
Jumping Spider Cytaea severa Motor Car Falls
Kapok Bush Cochlospermum fraseri
Ludwigia sp. Motor Car Falls
Macrobathra desmotoma Robyn Falls

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